The THMED Executive Search process is designed to address the limitations that internal recruitment resources experience as they reduce their cost-per-hire and work with unforgiving time constraints.  Our process enables clients to streamline the recruitment process and increase the competitive candidate pipeline.  Clients may take advantage of our expertise to improve candidate response, decrease time-to-hire and manage a proactive market strategy that supports future talent acquisition.

Conduct an organizational evaluation to determine strategies and guidelines for maximizing the opportunity for successful recruitment of candidates as appropriate.

The search begins with an in-depth, on-site position evaluation. The information gathered on this visit will be included in our exclusive PACER presentation created for your search. If an on-site visit is not required, a video web conference between the relevant parties will be arranged through your consultant.

Our consultants will work your organization’s administrative and executive staff to define parameters, academic requirements (if any) and professional qualifications for the ideal candidates. A written presentation will be submitted to the client to verify our understanding of your hiring goals. This ensures an accurate representation of your organization in the marketplace.

In addition, our consultants will offer your leadership staff counseling on better interview organization, negotiation skills, and overall recruitment process efficiency.

With the assistance of our dedicated Communications Department, an effective recruitment campaign will be prepared and implemented within 48 hours of returning from the on-site visit.

Each marketing campaign is specifically designed for your opportunity. Our candidate sourcing strategy will include internet job postings on relevant boards and job aggregator websites, full social networking capabilities including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, direct mail campaigns to candidates who possess your desired parameters, and telephonic contact to candidates in our database. We will also initiate research campaigns to find passive candidates through specialty societies and networking groups.

Complete thorough screening, assessments, competency-based interviews and reference/background checks of qualified candidates. Prior to arranging an onsite interview between a candidate and a client, we complete extensive due diligence to ensure all parties are accurately presented.  As part of our service promise to clients, we conduct a two-step candidate profile verification, which includes an online candidate disclosure form, at least three reference checks and online credential verifications.

Your consultant will submit candidates to the designated decision makers. Submissions are typically sent in the form of an online Leader Profile. Learn more about Leader Profiles here.

These submissions include a comprehensive summary of qualifications, organization/cultural fit, a personal profile and any key factors for each candidate regarding career needs and personal or family concerns.With each appropriate candidate, you will also receive the candidate’s background information including resume and verification summary. If desired, we will also arrange a conference call between candidate and client to determine team fit and potential interview with client.

We work diligently to coordinate schedules and provide assistance in booking flights, car rental, hotel accommodations, real estate and community tour by creating a customized on-site itinerary that lends itself to a successful visit.

Upon the completion of an interview, your consultant will act as liaison between you and the candidate in negotiating a mutually acceptable employment agreement. We conduct post interview phone conversations with candidate and will report feedback to decision makers. We will remain in constant contact with the candidates and keep your organization informed of all developments relating to the hiring process at all times.

Upon a successful placement, if necessary or requested, we can assist hired candidate(s) in relocating to the area. We can also provide feedback to non-selected candidates of their status.

Our consultants will offer your leadership staff on future recruitment process efficiency, retention plans, and additional services as requested.